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Many people nowadays love to make their purchases online. From clothes, shoes, and even groceries, everything is there and are only a few clicks away. However, with it came hilarious photos and videos shared by people who are unfortunate enough to receive the products they did not expect. Expectation vs. Reality, as many people put it. For example, people who bought a dining set find out that the item came in the size fit for a dollhouse, purchased clothes which looked good on the models are either too small or big for them, and even shoes that are actually kid-sized.

Aside from all these, there is one more trend that left people breathless—from laughing too hard. Many people are enticed of buying a product online that can enhance one’s smile in three easy steps: heat, press, and smile! However, instead of getting a million-dollar smile all they got were millions of views and reactions from many people.

Not only did the clip-on veneers failed to give them their dream smiles, it even made matters worse. Their new teeth are larger, whiter, and unnatural. Some people even jokingly said that the clip-on veneer wearers look like horses or that they are wearing grandma dentures. All jokes aside, we at Casey Family Dental want people who are planning to test their luck with clip-on veneers to instead opt for the real deal – dental veneers.


 Veneers provided by dental professionals have the same aim as the said online product but is appropriately executed. Our practice utilizes porcelain veneers and Lumineers based on the preference and needs of each patient. Instead of a clip-on version, these veneers are securely bonded on the patient’s enamel. In the case of Lumineers, these prostheses can be easily reversed if the patients say so.


Advantages of Choosing the Real Deal

    • Materials used for the creation of prostheses are carefully picked by dentists to make sure that it would blend in with the natural teeth perfectly.
    • Patients who have been bothered about the size, length, gap, and the form of their teeth in general, will find dental veneers favorable since their smiles can be transformed as they prefer it to be.
    • It can even aid with slight misalignments without using any orthodontic approach.
    • Veneers work well with teeth whitening. If there is a particular tooth that does not respond well with whitening agents, veneers can be placed instead.

 What are you waiting for? Bring out your best smile with Dental Veneers in Liberty Lake, WA! Book your appointments with Casey Family Dental. Call us to experience outstanding results in making your teeth naturally beautiful and healthy.