Facts and Importance of Pediatric Dentistry in Liberty Lake, WA

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Caring for a child’s teeth is vital for their growth since it is the one in charge of breaking down the foods that are needed for their proper nutrition. Milk teeth may eventually fall out, but that does not mean that they should be disregarded. They are the ones who can guide the growth of the permanent teeth which is why it is essential also to take care of the milk teeth.

Thankfully dentistry has developed treatments that can cater to each person’s need including the children. Pediatric dentistry is the focus of the care and maintenance of a child’s dental health until adolescence. The procedures it offers are for the preservation, protection, and restoration of the child’s teeth to keep them healthy.

Casey Family Dental offers procedures under Pediatric Dentistry such as Sealants, Fluoride applications, Fillings, Crowns and Emergency dentistry for the overall care and maintenance of the child’s health.


Importance of Pediatric Dentistry in Liberty Lake, WA

Importance of Pediatric Dentistry

The best schedules for the child’s dental visit is when their first teeth erupt (six months) or around their first birthday. It is highly advised by dentists to take care of the dental health or a child as early as possible.

Dentists can introduce the importance of dental health to children at an early stage; it helps in the proper maintenance and care that can last until they grow. Proper dental hygiene techniques can also be introduced to the children that they can practice regularly at home.

Treatments such as Sealants and Fluoride applications are applied to the child’s teeth directly to protect it from being damaged. Fillings can be applied to correct the earliest signs of decay and cavities to prevent it from progressing further. If teeth are damaged beyond the repair of fillings, Crowns can be used to preserve the tooth structure of the milk teeth since it would serve as the guide for the eruption of permanent teeth. Emergency dentistry is always available for the urgent preventions and restorations needed to save the teeth from further damage.


Pediatric Dentistry Facts

  • The total number of milk teeth a child can grow is 20. There are five types of teeth: Central Incisors, Lateral Incisors, Canines, First Molars, and Second Molars.
  • Proper dental hygiene should start as early as possible, not only when the first tooth erupts. Since babies cannot clean their mouths yet, parents can keep their gums clean by wiping it with a clean damp towel.
  • Tooth decay to children can be left untreated which makes dental appointments essential for its early detection and care.
  • Thumbsucking may not sound harmful, but it can cause teeth irregularities if the permanent teeth start to erupt. If the habit is not stopped, it can cause malocclusions that would require orthodontic treatments.

A child’s health is in the hand of parents, but for the proper care of their teeth and other oral structures dentists can help by providing techniques and treatments for better care and maintenance.


Your child deserves outstanding dental care services. Book your appointment with us at Casey Family Dental for our Pediatric Dentistry in Liberty Lake, WA. Let us help them achieve healthier teeth for beautiful smiles!