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Why Celebrities Own the Prettiest Smiles? – Liberty Lake, WA

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Looks, talents, and character – what else makes celebrities stay in the limelight? Of course, their picture-perfect smiles! Some stars in Hollywood like Tom Cruise, Anne Hathaway, and Kim Kardashian are known for having a beautiful set of pearly whites. What do you think is their secret? Read on as we at Liberty Lake Smile… Read More

Reasons to Take Advantage of Dental Implants in Liberty Lake, WA

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The restoration of missing teeth has never been easy since dental implants were made available. Compared to other restorative options available, the use of a titanium implant surgically placed on the jawbone became the most stable and durable option today. Although other treatments are also effective in replacing lost teeth, dental implants became one of… Read More

Treating Gum Disease with Scaling and Root Planing in Liberty Lake, WA

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Some of the dental procedures performed by dentists may sound frightening, especially to those who already suffered from dental fear and anxiety. Included in these treatments are scaling and root planing. We at Liberty Lake Smile Source firmly believe that deep cleaning is the best method to treat issues that deteriorate oral health like gum… Read More

The Do’s and Don’ts When Wearing Invisalign – Liberty Lake, WA

A middle0aged blond-haired woman holding and invisalign aligner.

Invisalign is one of the most in-demand alternatives to the traditional braces nowadays. It offers a virtually invisible way of straightening the teeth instead of using unsightly metal brackets and wires. Patients now even have the ability to remove the orthodontic device when needed like during special occasions and events. There is no question why… Read More

Hydrate for a Fresher Breath in Liberty Lake, WA

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Halitosis or bad breath negatively affects both the psychological and social well-being of a person. There are instances that one who suffers from halitosis experiences shame and embarrassment due to bullying and name-calling. These stigmatizing effect of halitosis deteriorates the soul of a person, making them have inferior confidence. For sure, no one wants to… Read More

Facts and Importance of Pediatric Dentistry in Liberty Lake, WA

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Caring for a child’s teeth is vital for their growth since it is the one in charge of breaking down the foods that are needed for their proper nutrition. Milk teeth may eventually fall out, but that does not mean that they should be disregarded. They are the ones who can guide the growth of… Read More

Smile Confidently In Liberty Lake, WA With Six Month Smiles!

A young woman with curly hair showing her perfect teeth in a smile.

They say that the best outfit you can wear is your smile. But how can you confidently smile with teeth imperfections? Using metal braces is not on your list? Worry no more! Here in Liberty Lake Smile Source, we offer Six Months Smile that can straighten your teeth more effectively, conveniently, and comfortably. Six Month… Read More

Porcelain vs. Prepless Veneers in Liberty Lake

A young sporty woman showing her perfect teeth in a smile.

A dental veneer is a thin shell material that is custom-made to resemble the color, form, size, and length of the surrounding teeth. It is used to cover teeth to improve its appearance by providing an unnoticeable change to a tooth. Since dental veneers are irreversible, deciding the best course of action is vital to… Read More

Professional Dental Cleaning: A Necessity in Liberty Lake, WA

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Did you know that dental plaque and tartar can cause a teeth to become unattached to the gums? This dental plaque contains more than 300 types of bacteria that usually shelters itself in between the teeth and gums. These bacterias produce acids that cause wearing out of the teeth enamel and gum tissues. If this… Read More

Smiles Worth Raving About

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Angela W.

As a new patient, I was very pleased with my experience at Liberty Lake Smile. My tooth cracked earlier in the week, and broke off. They were able to see me the same day, addressed the problem, and got me set up with a temporary crown. Dr. Casey, explained what the issues were, and his method was very gentle. The staff was friendly and professional.

Charles K.

Excellent experience all around! I have been going to Liberty Lake Smile Source for about 10 years now and have always have had a great experience. Dr. Casey & Dr. Macall are experts in their field! Friendly staff, state of the art equipment and a brand new building. I would recommend to anyone looking for a good experience with professionals who care.

Mike H.

Dr. Casey, McCall and their entire team are exceptional. They are friendly, gentle, and easy to visit with and I especially loved the pet channel that I got to watch during my visit! My entire family comes to Liberty Lake Smile Source, and will continue to for years to come.