Porcelain vs. Prepless Veneers in Liberty Lake

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A dental veneer is a thin shell material that is custom-made to resemble the color, form, size, and length of the surrounding teeth. It is used to cover teeth to improve its appearance by providing an unnoticeable change to a tooth. Since dental veneers are irreversible, deciding the best course of action is vital to get the right type that can fix the teeth’s appearance. Casey Family Dental provides veneers that are made of porcelain for a more pleasing and stain resistant treatment for the teeth that can last longer and provide an ideal solution for teeth irregularities.

Dental Veneers

Type of Dental Veneers Offered at Casey Family Dental

Porcelain Veneers

It is a type of Veneer which is ideal for patients since it provides a closer resemblance to the natural teeth color it also has the translucency that can be mistaken to as an original tooth. For its placement, the tooth in question is prepared by filing the enamel and shaping it to fit and secure the shell-like veneer to be placed. An impression of the prepped tooth will be taken and sent to a laboratory for its custom-creation. A temporary veneer will be placed to the exposed tooth to protect it while waiting for few days for the permanent porcelain veneer. Once it is ready, it will be cemented in place using a resin. A curing light is then used, to harden and bond the veneer correctly to the tooth.

Prepless Veneer (Cristal Prepless Veneers)

It is also a type of veneer that is made of porcelain as well but extremely thinner than the traditional porcelain veneers. It is an ideal alternative for a patient who doesn’t want to have their teeth reshaped. These are also custom-made to resemble the surrounding healthy teeth structures. Not everyone is suited for Prepless veneers; some people have smaller than usual teeth which is the ideal condition fitted for this type of veneer. To ensure that the teeth would appear as natural as possible without prepping, the placement of the veneer should not look different than the other surrounding teeth. After the prepless veneer is custom-made at a laboratory, it will also be cemented in place by a resin solution and cured to make sure that it is correctly bonded on the tooth.

Dental procedures keep on evolving to cater each people’s needs more conveniently, comfortable, and agreeable. People want to achieve perfect teeth without harming their natural, healthy teeth structure and others want to meet a natural-looking tooth improved by dental veneers without compromising its functions. Veneer is ideal for people who want to achieve beautiful looking teeth with a minimally invasive procedure.

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