Professional Dental Cleaning: A Necessity in Liberty Lake, WA

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Did you know that dental plaque and tartar can cause a teeth to become unattached to the gums? This dental plaque contains more than 300 types of bacteria that usually shelters itself in between the teeth and gums. These bacterias produce acids that cause wearing out of the teeth enamel and gum tissues. If this soft plaque is not correctly cleaned or removed, it can calcify and lead to tartar formation.

While a soft plaque can be removed by brushing and flossing, tartar formation can only be removed by professional dental help. Casey Family Dental encourages client’s to have their teeth checked and cleaned professionally by our specialists.

Dental Cleaning

We believe that: “What you don’t know can harm you.” Listed below are the top reasons why scheduling a dental cleaning with us is a necessity:

  1.  Arrest cavity formation, Block gum disease progression, Counter tooth loss:

Dental plaque and tartar formation cause bacterial build-up that can damage the tooth enamel causing dental caries. If this is not properly and professionally removed, it can cause bleeding and sensitive gums that can progress to gum related diseases like gingivitis and worst tooth loss. Having your teeth thoroughly cleansed by our dental specialist and observing good oral hygiene will put a stop to these three conditions.

  1. Wards off cardiovascular, systemic and life-threatening medical conditions:

Studies revealed that most diseases or medical conditions like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, gums and periodontal diseases are associated with poor oral health. Casey Family Dental can rescue you from this life-threatening conditions. Scheduling your dental cleaning with us for at least twice per year can keep your teeth and gums healthy thus keeping you disease free.

  1. Illuminate your smile and purifies your breath:

With our professional dental care, your teeth can appear cleaner and stain-free leaving you with a selfie-ready, fresher smile and a healthy oral cavity with fresh breath.

  1. Protect and Boost your oral and overall health:

Having your oral cavity cleaned by our dental specialists allows them to thoroughly check your overall oral status, assessing and spotting any signs of oral health issues especially cancer. A need for repair of dental fillings, restoration of dental sealants and other dental procedures can also be noted. Remember that early detection and prompt diagnosis leads to early treatment, improved prognosis, and fewer health care expenses.

If you wish to know the state of your oral health or wants to have healthier teeth and gums call (509) 293-5511 and check out our Dental Cleaning Services in Liberty Lake, WA. You can also visit our accessible location at 22910 E. Appleway Ave. #5, Liberty Lake, WA 99019 and get the dental care that you deserve.