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Teeth Extractions

At Casey Family Dental we want to ease your fears and uneasiness. Our dental team believes that patients fear complex or even simple procedures because they lack the necessary information about it. At Casey Family Dental, we ensure that our patients understand what a procedure is, why it is necessary, and what should they expect before, during and after the procedure. Our friendly staff will work to ensure your comfort in our relaxing and comforting atmosphere. We consider our patients to be part of the family, so rest assured that we will be there to assist you during the entire procedure.

A serious case of tooth decay, a severely damaged tooth that can’t be fixed, gum disease, crowded teeth, and a wisdom tooth that doesn’t fit in the mouth are possible reasons why a tooth should be removed.

For your comfort, we have several options for anesthesia during a tooth extraction.

Local Anesthesia: Delivered by injection to the affected gum, this causes causing a feeling of numbness and relief from pain. Patients are awake and aware of what’s happening.

General Anesthesia: The patient will be completely unconscious during the whole procedure making it easier for the dental team to carry out the treatment.

Laughing Gas: It involves the introduction of gas via a face mask that will cause feelings of relaxation while being conscious or awake during the whole procedure. The effects of this gas tend to subside easily.

IV Sedation: This involves the introduction of a drug intravenously veins causing you to be very relaxed or asleep.

Oral Sedation: This pill taken by mouth before a procedure will cause drowsiness and relaxation.

To learn more about tooth extraction and sedation dentistry, call us at (509) 293-5511.

Our Happy Patients

"I am always greeted promptly in a friendly manner as I enter the office. The staff person who will provide my dental services never keeps me waiting. My personal comfort is the first order of business in the dental chair. An explanation of what is being done and why is readily available. And the doctor of dentistry is readily available and willing to describe plans of treatment as necessary. And the mantra accompanying procedures is "We don't want you to experience any pain or discomfort."

Everett A.

"They are awesome...from the receptionist all the way to Dr. Casey!"

"I had Dr. Casey fix a chipped tooth of mine a few months ago. He was very personable and easy to talk with. He did a great job on my tooth and the cost was very reasonable. I would definitely refer people over to him again and I will work with him in the future."

Stephen M.
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